Below the submitted results so far are listed. Click on the score of a method to see detailed results.

Methods that have checkboxes in front of them can be combined. Check a number of boxes and press Combine to see the results of the combined system. The combination method that is used is described in this report.


\n\n Team\n \n Date\n \n Score\n \n Description\n
ISICADDecember 20, 20080.632System E in this paper.
\n\n\n FlyerScan\n \n September 25, 2009\n \n\n 0.552\n \n\n\n System description\n \n .\n
\n\n MIG Group\n \n August 3, 2010\n \n\n 0.310\n \n\n Not yet publicly available.\n
\n\n\n Pisa team\n January 26, 20090.293System D in this paper.
RG-MAGIC-CADMay 21, 20090.291System B in this paper.
MIG GroupAugust 3, 20100.289Not yet publicly available.
RG-MAGIC-CADJanuary 20, 20090.266System description.
MAGIC-5-ANTSJanuary 23, 20090.254System C in this paper.
Philips Lung Nodule CAD\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0\xc2\xa0May 29, 20090.231System F in this paper.
FujitaLabAugust 26, 20080.212System A in this paper.
CMP PragueDecember 24, 20080.065System description.
IMPSJuly 30, 20080.003System description.